Morgan St. James - Author

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Identical twin sisters Goldie and Godiva take a wild and funny romp through the glitzy world of TV chefs - in search of a killer. When Godiva Olivia DuBois, a.k.a. G.O.D. - an advice columnist from Beverly Hills - takes her niece Chili to a taping of the TV cooking show Flirting with Food she's selected from the audience as a food taster - and winds up in the hospital with food poisoning. Chili's mother, Goldie Silver, an 'aging hippie' living in Alaska, already sensed trouble through a psychic bond with her twin and immediately hopped on a plane to California. Together these two wisecracking amateur sleuths try to solve the 'who's sabotaging the cooking show' mystery - with the help of their 80 year old mother Flossie and their Uncle Sterling - both former Vaudeville magicians

$14.95 242 Pages

Silver Sisters Mystery Book 1