TWO UNFORGETTABLE  CHRISTMASES  Learning the true meaning of Christmas
My family moved to Miami from Chicago in 1949 when I was nine. What a culture shock! I was a  young Yankee who was smart, wore glasses, wasn't good at sports and actually one of the few who wore shoes to school. I felt like an outcast. That Christmas we had our first Christmas tree--one of the few bright spots that stands out in my mind.
Just ten months later my Mom and Dad gave up on Miami and we were  back in Chicago. Things were much better, but the family had no money. However, to my sister and me that was the best Christmas ever. Find out why. Perfect to give as a Christmas card.

MANUFACTURING IN FEDERAL PRISONS IS BIG BUSINESS--About $800,000,000 a year and that is TRUE! A plan to embezzle millions was going fine until three savvy women were hired and the red flags went up. Join Kimberly, Cameron and Kate as they bumble into an undercover investigation and unravel the twists and turns in this clever crime caper. Suspicion turns to surprise when they discover so much more than they ever anticipated..
While this is fiction, the idea for this book was conceived from experiences the co-authors had while working as marketing representatives for furniture manufactured in Federal prisons. It could not have been written without their knowledge of the system and having been inside prison factories.

Bella Capo is not her given name, but who she has become. Bella grew up as the abused child of a well-to-do power broker with organized crime ties, a drug-addicted mother and a physically and sexually abusive brother.  She had to divorce herself from any emotions in order to survive, and when the time came when she could no longer even cry, she had a crying angel tattooed on her back to cry for her. Bella founded the online movement La Bella Mafia to help abuse victims who have endured what she has and worse. She and her "Bellas" have helped hundreds of victims through their love and personal knowledge of abuse. Despite severe PTSD and some health challenges, Bella Capo, the woman who could have died many times, is their shining light--the person who encourages them to be Victors, not Victims.

My mother, ROSETTA SCHWARTZ, WAS BORN IN 1909. She wrote her memoir about growing up in a zany family of ten children in the early 20th Century when she was 80.

A MEMOIR Three glorious weeks in England with no shortage of hot Englishmen!
Audrey's "wheeler-dealer" millionaire boyfriend leased a cottage in Surrey, sight unseen and said, "What could be more perfect than having you and Susan check it out for me?" Audrey is excited beyond belief but doesn't know he has an ulterior motive. The taxi driver pulls up in front of what should have been the charming country cottage she saw in a photo, but instead it looks as foreboding as a haunted house. A few loose shingles make flapping noises when lifted by a light breeze to complete the creepy feeling. What might have been a disaster for these 42-year-olds, turns into an adventure beyond anything they imagined. Oh yes, I was Audrey - all of the names were changed for legal reasons

WHAT SECRET IS THE BEAUTIFUL MAGICIAN "MARA THE MAGNIFICENT" HIDING? A fun-filled Silver Sisters escapade in "Sin City"... Godiva's son Torch buys a condo in Las Vegas, and his grandmother Flossie and great uncle Sterling decide to pay him a visit. When the old vaudeville magicians drag him to the Pageant of Peacocks starring sexy Mara the Magnificent it's love at first sight. The romance blossoms but when Torch returns from a meeting in L.A., Mara seems cold and distant. The family gets a shock while attending Mara's show, where a stagehand dies during the performance. Police call it accidental, but Mara is convinced its murder. This time Flossie and Sterling take the lead and when they uncover a diabolical plot they come close to doing a disappearing act of their own! Twists, turns, murder and mayhem. Just when you think you've solved it, something else happens.  

​RAMPAGING RUSSIANS, TREACHEROUS TEAPOTS, TWIN SLEUTHS, OLD MAGICIANS and MURDER! Goldie and Godiva track seven stolen teapots from Alaska to LA. Why are the teapots worth killing for? What are the thugs really after? Will they get away with murder? A shipment of Russian tea dispensers fails to arrive at Goldie's antique shop in Alaska. Ladies from the Russian Orthodox church ordered one for their retiring priest and are driving her crazy. Then his young replacement is murdered. That's just the tip of the iceberg in quiet little Juneau! When the teapots arrive, so do the Dumkovsky brothers--two bumbling Russian thugs demanding them.  Everyone who received one of the samovars has been beaten or murdered. The twins and their eighty-one year old mother and uncle, former vaudeville magicians, must solve the secret contained in those deadly teapots before more people die. 

FIRST BOOK IN THE AWARD-WINNING SILVER SISTERS MYSTERY SERIES. Identical twins Goldie and Godiva take a wild and funny romp through the glitzy world of TV chefs - in search of a killer. When Godiva Olivia DuBois, a.k.a. G.O.D. - an advice columnist from Beverly Hills - takes her niece Chili to a taping of the TV cooking show Flirting with Food she's selected from the audience as a food taster - and winds up in the hospital with food poisoning. Chili's mother, Goldie Silver, an 'aging hippie' living in Alaska, already sensed trouble through a psychic bond with her twin and immediately hopped on a plane to California. Together these two wisecracking amateur sleuths try to solve the 'who's sabotaging the cooking show' mystery - with the help of their 80 year old mother Flossie and their Uncle Sterling - both former Vaudeville magicians

Morgan St. James - Author

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THE  TEAM FROM RIPOFF IS BACK and Cami’s problems have taken a back seat. Kim is in town on an undercover assignment to try to trap the head honcho of a multi-million dollar Rojas Cartel money laundering scheme. Kate, now the CEO of Fraud Busters, is hot on the trail of a new fraud and also in meetings for a movie about her life story. Can it get any crazier? You bet it can. The three friends find themselves knee-deep in danger when Kim convinces them to team up like they did a few years back and help with her undercover assignment for Homeland Security. It’s scams, intrigue, mayhem and murder all over again for the sleuthing trio in this third book in the series..

IT'S MURDER & MAYHEM ON THE HIGH SEAS. Eighty-year old Flossie and Sterling Silver, former Vaudeville magicians, are invited on a relaxing cruise. Goldie’s husband, Captain Red Pepper,  arranged for them to sail on his ship, the Aurora Borealis, and mingle with magicians during the Magic on the High Seas cruise. Goldie thinks it’s a great idea and her twin sister, Godiva, sees it as a chance to keep the old folks out of trouble while she spends time with her new boyfriend, Dexter Diamond. Magic turns to mayhem when one of the star magicians is murdered on board and Uncle Sterling becomes a suspect. The FBI gets involved and soon the whole Silver family is caught up in the search for an international jewel thief. How will the feisty octogenarians get out of hot water this time? When can Goldie Silver return to her quiet antique shop in Juneau? Will  Godiva Olivia  find true love this time ?

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8 SURE SIGNS OF A JEWISH MOTHER - Everyone knows at least one
A "Jewish Mother" doesn't have to be Jewish, a mother and doesn't even have to be a woman!
A comical look at what it takes to be an official Jewish Mother and how to deal with one. 
Just about everyone has heard oodles of jokes about Jewish Mothers. Comedians love them. One day when I had nothing better to do, I started to wonder, “What really qualifies someone to be a Jewish Mother?”You see, my mother was Jewish, but she would have been drummed out of the corps in a heartbeat for failing to conform. Outside of encouraging everyone to eat something—-her favorite saying was: you could stand to gain five pounds, Honey—-I don’t think she would have made it past the first plateau as far as placing of guilt and practicing Jewish Standard Time are concerned.

Rosetta was the youngest in the immigrant family of ten children. They didn’t have much money, but the riches of their zany antics and laughter overflowed into the neighborhood. That love of laughter continued throughout her long life. One of her fondest childhood memories was when neighbors knocked at their door, saying, “Can we come in and laugh with you?” Her stories have delighted thousands all over the world. Rosetta Schwartz (later Rosetta Shifrin and finally Rosetta Lachman) wrote this memoir in 1989 when she was 80 years old. As her daughter, I edited it  and added Part II. She lived to be nearly 97 years old.

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Silver Sisters Mystery Book 2

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Silver Sisters Mystery Book 4

THE FIRST BOOK I EVER WROTE.  PICTURE BOOK. LaRue the Llama gives children a funny example of why you have to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU DO. He tries so hard to help Mama Llama, but runs into problems every time. Then he finds his lovable Aunt Fay, a motorcycle riding old llama was late because she did the same things he did that day. My son and daughter were children when LaRue was created. Now adults, they urged me to share their beloved LaRue with children across the world. I wrote and illustrated this book  38 years ago and never intended to publish it. Your children will LOVE LA RUE THE LLAMA

For writers at all stages of their careers
I have written over 500 published articles about the craft and business of writing. Dry, techie books generally end up unread on the bookshelf after checking out a few articles of interest. So,  Writers' Tricks of the Trade: 39 Things You Need to Know About the ABCs of Writing Fiction covers nearly everything about writing fiction in a breezy and easily understandable manner seasoned with a touch of humor. It is like the appetizer table at a lavish writing buffet--a book you will want to read more than once and keep close at hand for reference and inspiration.


Imagine waking up in a strange bedroom, bound and gagged. That's what happened to beautiful teenage ballerina protege Laurel Murphy after she was kidnapped and sold into a brothel. But Laurel didn't die. As she rebuilds her life and her spirit it is filled with high spots and with tragedy, but through it all she must deal with the need for revenge smashed deep within her soul. Then the unthinkable happens... Inspired by true events  

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​Revenge is Fun Series Book 2

You  can find all of these books at many online sites.  For convenience, just click the BUY link of your choice. Kindle or e-book editions also available. Support local business by ordering from your favorite independent or chain bookstore. Available on Amazon worldwide. 

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​Revenge is Fun Series Book 4

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​Revenge is Fun Series Book 3

WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE "RIPOFF"? KIMBERLY MARTIN thought her day couldn't get any worse. In the span of a heartbeat she went from riding high to the depths of despair. Returning from a conference where she was named WOMAN OF THE YEAR, she felt like a triumphant empress returning to her minions until she opened her office door to a scene of utter chaos. Within minutes she went from Vice President of Finance to unemployed.
Really down in the dumps, she thought her boy-toy lover would be at home to comfort her, only to find he flew the coop with her money, furniture and anything else he could grab while she was at the conference.She had to face the fact that overnight she had become unemployed and broke. But, KIMBERLY wasn't one to take this sitting down. 

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? A lighthearted look at attempts of three authors to do away with their publisher. The old adage is that the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray. The authors were contracted to write the true story of Maria Mancuso, widow of murdered Mob boss Tony “The Nose,” but publisher Fat Vinny Vitali refused to accept the manuscript as written and demanded the authors actually solve the murder, or he would hold the project in limbo until they gave in to his demands. After several tense meetings with Fat Vinny and consultation with an attorney, they conclude the only way out of their contract is if Fat Vinny dies. The more obnoxious his demands become, the more convinced they are to speed Vinny's "untimely" demise. The  three writers become murder conspirators, in what they believe will be a foolproof effort to save their book and the movie deal, or will it?​​ 

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Silver Sisters Mystery Book 1

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Also in Audio Book
Silver Sisters Mystery Book 3

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​Revenge is Fun Series Book 1

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LOVE, TRUST, MURDER AND A REAL MIRACLE - Shocking but inspirational true story that dominated the media
The name Cheryl Pierson was in national media for years in articles, radio and TV, filled with assumptions and fabrications surrounding the murder-for-hire of her father, but her side of the story was never truly covered from her perspective. The one interview she did give to a reporter was while she was still in shock from what had transpired. Now, after thirty years, Cheryl has come out of the shadows to tell her true story--what really happened behind the doors at 293 Magnolia Drive, and what the life she and Rob have shared has been like. As seen on Investigation Discovery Channel: I, Witness series, Inside Edition, People Magazine, and more.

Short Stories are a wonderful way to pass time while waiting for an appointment, eating in a restaurant or just plain relaxing.  This collection of several of my short stories includes mystery, humor, a bit of romance and more. Some of the stories are inspired by true events, others are pure fiction. 
Pull up an easy chair and settle down or a story you can finish in one setting