Here are some of my other pigs. I have collected them from travels in many parts of the world besides in the United States. Friends and family always know that a pig is welcome if they want to give me a gift.

About the Wade Pig Collectibles

It all began in Plano, Texas where I found the daughter Annabelle and fell in love with her. Next came Maxwell from an antique shop in California. My daugher Jakki, who lives in England where they originated from the Wade Potteries, gave me Baby Woody as a gift. When I made a trip to England Jakki and I found Lady HIllary in Glastonberry. Then to complete the family, Sir Nathaniel, the rarest one of the pigs, was found on Ebay from a seller in England.

While on one of my trips to England, I learned that the National Westminister Bank in England commissioned this loveable pig family to encourage children to open savings accounts back in the 1960s. They got Baby Woody for opening the account, Annabelle for a 25 pound deposit, Maxwell for 50 pounds, Lady Hillary for 75 pounds and Sir Nathaniel for 100 pounds.

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs

I have collected pig artifacts for about 20 years and have over 200 in my collection. JUST FOR FUN I am sharing some of them with you.

Morgan St. James - Author