JUST RELEASED. The 5th book in the Silver Sisters Mysteries finds Goldie Silver's daughter, Chili Pepper, moving to Portland, Oregon to become executive chef at a hot new restaurant.

She becomes a roommate in an historical mansion populated by the owner of  the Herbivore restaurant, two of her old friends from Alaska and a mysterious girl who arrives in a funky van named Moonbeam.

Little does Chili suspect that what is really a great opportunity for her also features Murder on the Menu. Kindle & Paperback, ePub

Paperback, Kindle, ePub


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DEC 4, 2019 The 4th Edition of the popular Writers' Tricks of the Trade book, updated for 2020. Kindle, ePub and Paperback. A great handbook to add to any writer's shelf.

Morgan St. James - Author

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The Humorous Silver Sisters Mysteries all began with this...