You may have seen Cheryl and Rob Cuccio's story on TV shows like Discovery ID, People Investigates, Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and more or read their shocking but inspirational story in People Magazine. Read the whole story, not just bits in their book. Currently under option to Rosetta Films.


When Mack Peters agreed to track down a friend's missing sister, it led him to the small, remote town of Watson Falls and people with a horrible deadly secret! 

* * *

Morgan St. James - Author


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Mack Peters' career with the LAPD was cut short when tragedy struck his family. After backpacking through Europe in search of peace of mind, a clever idea allowed him to set up a business that practically ran itself while making tons of cash. Now, as a favor to a friend, he is hot on the trail of a missing reporter and that leads him to the small town of Watson Falls and its deadly secret.